The Philippines has always been a top BPO performer.

The country ranks 10th among the leading destinations for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the world making the industry one of its top earners. Therefore, it’s not surprising that outsourcing companies have sprung up all over the archipelago.

While the boost in the industry is good for all hands, it also sparked a strong competition for the professionals. Now, companies must find ways to attract top talent into joining them.

One way to do that is to ensure that they provide an ideal work environment. Employees now have the option of choosing companies that deliver the best possible work environment for them.

What is the ideal work environment today?

Why is the physical workspace such a big deal?

There are two reasons why the quality of the physical workspace matters. First of all, the wellness, safety, and health of everyone who is in that facility must be considered. A well-designed workspace considers the well-being of the persons using it in every aspect.

Second, the quality of the physical workspace has a great impact on the productivity and workplace satisfaction of workers. BPO employees are not going to be productive in an uncomfortable workplace. They won’t even desire to stay in one that does not meet their basic needs.

In other words, it also has an impact on the company itself.

What characterizes the ideal work environment today?

The answer might depend on who you ask, but most people would agree upon general qualities such as:

  • Comfortable
  • Focused on wellness
  • Promotes work-life balance
  • Complete facilities
  • Right location
  • Has all the technical necessities

Those are the main qualities that workspaces must have now. Of course, different industries would have different needs.

Some types of work might by nature be uncomfortable, like those that demand constant physical labor. The qualities on the list would mostly apply to the BPO industry.

How do BPO companies work?

Outsourcing is the core of this industry. Outsourcing is the process of taking a process within an organization and passing the responsibility for that process to a different organization that will be the one to handle it.

The ideal work environment for BPO companies

In the past, the standard practice was for a BPO company to create its own workspace, which means several floors of a building or a very large facility. That can be a very costly undertaking.

These days, there is another option available to BPO companies. They can choose to go with co-working spaces instead of building up their own workspace.

The Co-Working Space Advantage

A co-working space is a facility where people from different companies and freelancers can work. Even people who are unconnected with each other can mingle in a co-working space.

These facilities are equipped with premium business furniture, internet connection, and other things that an office require to function.

While co-working spaces were initially popular with freelancers and remote workers, large companies have started seeing them as a viable option, too.

Companies like IBM and Verizon explored the use of co-working spaces to expose their employees to innovative startups. If highly successful global companies see the advantage in using co-working spaces then there must be something valuable to it.

Aside from the exposure to new and innovative thinking, co-working spaces offer other advantages.

For starters, it takes away the need for worrying about maintenance and upkeep. That is totally up to the company running the co-working space to worry about. To keep clients happy, they will make sure that everything is maintained properly.

Choosing a co-working space also means that all office necessities are there. You might have to bring in some specialized equipment, but the furniture is ready to use.

They would also have the necessary spaces like the conference rooms for meetings. Employees would also get to enjoy lounge areas where they can take breaks and unwind.

Why Skynora?

When it comes to co-working spaces in the Davao area, Skynora is the top choice.

Here are some of the leading reasons why a BPO company should choose our co-working spaces:

  • BPO space customization services
  • Premium business address
  • State of the art facilities
  • High-speed Internet Connectivity
  • 100% back-up power
  • 24/7 access, parking, and air-conditioned offices
  • Reliable security service
  • IT support
  • CCTV system
  • Free-flowing coffee
  • Dedicated company signage
Skynora Corp.
office space - pantry area
private office space
conference room

All those qualities make Skynora the ideal work environment for BPO companies.

BPO companies should provide the best work environment for their employees while making the most out of their resources.

Therefore, co-working spaces, like those offered by Skynora in Davao City, are the best solution for BPO companies looking for a place their employees can call home.

With a prime location and a complete set of facilities, Skynora’s co-working spaces offer an ideal place for boosting creativity and productivity.

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