So, you’re returning to the office. Are you ready for it? Whether we want to admit it or not, being forced to stay at home for months has taken its toll on you. You might just think that you’re ready for returning to the office, but you might not.

This article will list 10 things you can do to get ready before you will be returning to the office.

10 Things to Do Before Returning to the Office

Returning to the office after weeks of being quarantined might seem like an easy task. However, there are subtle but impactful changes that take place when you are kept at home for a long period. Studies suggest that quarantine has a strong psychological impact.

The effects of quarantine can range from anxiety to sleep disorders. In some cases, it can even result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. This just shows that although you may not have outward symptoms of the effects of quarantine, it can still have a lasting impact.

So, although you may feel that you’re all set for returning to the office to work again, you may want to assess yourself and ask if you’re truly ready.

To help you get ready for returning to the office, here are 10 things that you can do to prepare yourself mentally and physically:


Were you able to get enough exercise while you were in lockdown? Probably not. That means you might have spent your time at home eating, sleeping, or not getting any physical activity.  While returning to the office doesn’t mean physical work, your body should still be prepared.

Start doing multiple mini work-out sessions that last 5 to 6 minutes each, which experts say is better than a prolonged exercise period. That should be enough exercise preparation.

Start to control what you’re eating.

With nothing much to do during the lockdown, you might have eaten unhealthy foods. If that is the case, then you can compensate by reducing the amount of food that you eat each day.

The ideal amount of food you should eat will depend on your body type. Once you are aware of the ideal amount, you should stick to it several days before returning to the office so that you have incorporated it easily into your routine.

Take things slowly.

Maybe a sudden change is not going to be the best step for you. Working in the office just like during the pre-pandemic days might be too much of a jump. To help you adjust before returning to the office, you can try working in a coworking space first, like Skynora. Skynora’s co-working spaces are clean and safe and we follow the New Normal protocols set by the City Government of Davao. By going here first instead of your office, you can slowly adjust to the new conditions.

Create a routine.

Having a daily routine that you can follow can help you fight stress and anxiety. Knowing what you need to do at night and whenever you wake up each morning means you will have fewer things to worry about. You will also make fewer decisions.  Routine is all about making order in your daily life.

Limit the information flow.

In the past few weeks, did you spend most of your time using social media? Filipinos have been the number one when it comes to social media use in the world even before the lockdown. So being confined in their homes, most Filipinos would resort to going on Facebook—but that is not really healthy.

You need to limit the flow of information that you’re getting through social media. You don’t have the capacity nor the time to react to all the things that you will see on Facebook and other social media. Before returning to the office, stop using social media too often.

Protect yourself.

The virus is still out there, so you cannot be complacent each time you go outside. Make sure that you prepare all the necessary materials you need to protect yourself. Get your masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves ready.

Focus on positive things.

Returning to the office and getting back to work may not be that easy under these circumstances.  There are many fake and fear mongering pieces of information going around, so dwelling on them will not help you at all. You should focus on positive things instead.

For starters, you still have a job! That’s a big positive already. There are so many other good things you can think about.

Take one day at a time.

Are you terrified of the future? Are you worried about what might happen in a month? Two months? Don’t be. Just focus on what you can do, one day at a time. That should save you from some of the anxiety which you might feel.

Get ready for biking.

If you’re reliant on public transportation, then you might want to consider using a bicycle to get to and from your work instead. Now, you might have to get your body ready for biking to long distances, so you need to include some aerobic workouts to your exercise routine. This will make sure you won’t run out of breath when you’re biking.

Talk to your friends.

Are you still anxious about returning to the office? Then you should talk to your friends and family about how you feel. Sometimes having someone that you can talk to is all you need to start feeling better. It’s definitely worth trying.

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