We start each day planning how our day should work out and list down all the important things that need to be done, but we often find ourselves distracted when we get to work or simply, just procrastinating. This is a common problem in the workplace, but how are we supposed to get rid of doing this? How will you take control of this bad habit of procrastinating? How will you take control of this bad habit of procrastinating? Here are some 5 useful techniques that you can use to increase productivity at work and you can adapt to your working style and your personality.


Top 5 Way to Increase Productivity at Work

Start your morning right

Be the bird that gets the worm! Start your morning with your favorite coffee or tea, have a nice long shower and listen to music. This will help you from dreading the long day at work you are about to have to, we all tend to dread our day to the point we forget that our goal for that day is to be productive and we instead focus on the fact that the day is going to go long and slow. So, start your day with positivity and a cup of good coffee!


Use the power of optimism

We must train and remind ourselves to be more optimistic every day, no matter how tired we get. If you are getting too overwhelmed with work, break it down to boost your confidence to be able to complete the task, little by little. Congratulate yourself every single time you complete a sub-task to boost your confidence more. Acknowledging your progress is one of the powerful ways to inspire and motivate yourself, focus on the progress you made rather than dwelling on setbacks is the right way to be optimistic throughout the day.


Your desk says a lot about you

It may be different for everyone but for me having an organized desk helps me focus more on my work and not on the unnecessary clutter that’s on my desk or around my desk. Create a clean environment to help you focus to get things done and make this a habit. Although, there is no right way to organize a desk but having a clean workspace can have a big effect on one’s productivity. Make sure to separate the papers you have to tackle today and set aside the papers you don’t need to do for that day.


Take breaks!

It’s hard to keep up of a high level of productivity for the extended periods of time, I think a good analogy is you can’t run at full speed a hundred percent of the time and I think the same thing can be said about productivity at work. Taking breaks is essential, and you deserve it.


Pomodoro technique

The concept for this technique is pretty simple, the first thing you do is to make a list of the tasks that need to be done, you then set a timer for maybe about 25-30 minutes long for that specific period of time then try your best to work obsessively until that time runs out. Of course, when you have finished the task you are then allowed to take a 3-5-minute break every cycle you do and 15-30 minutes break of every 4 cycles you do.

-Carina Abigail Pascual

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