In today’s fast-paced business world, we want to get things done right away but, still in the best quality. The question is, how? Given that we all have 24-hours in a day, how can we get the most out of every minute of the day?

One essential part of success is proper time management. The goal is to work smarter than harder to increase efficiency and enhance performance.

Sure, we can’t change time but we can change the way we manage and make it more efficient with some of these tips:

Plan Ahead

The first thing you need to do at work is not to jump right away to any task but to plan on what to do. Make it a habit to plan ahead. Instead of working aimlessly, know your tasks and focus on getting it accomplished.

Planning can be done first thing in the morning where you are creating a fresh new start. It can also be done by organizing your next day plans during your last 15-minutes or before you leave work for the day.

Create a To-do list

Creating your to-do list is the key to become more organized. It can be done more easily when you already know your goal for the day. This helps you to keep motivated because you constantly see what you’ve already achieved through your list. It will also help your day to flow smoothly and reduce unnecessary stress.

You may encounter interruptions in between tasks like unexpected phone calls, or emergency meetings but this shouldn’t prevent you to tick tasks off from your list. Always return right where you left and stay focused. 

Your Best Hours are for Your Most Important Tasks

Each task requires a different amount of energy depending on its load. You may have tasks planned ahead but is it matched according to the time where your energy is at most? 

An essential part of time efficiency is to know when, where, and how you’re the most productive. Your most productive time should be for your most important tasks. It may be in the morning after you had your coffee, or you may also be at your best focus and attention after lunch hour. The important thing is to manage your most crucial tasks during your peak hours.

Set a Time Limit to each Task

Your planned tasks are more effective if you set a time limit on each. This can prevent you from getting distracted and procrastination. When you have time-boxed tasks, it is easier to follow the structure you’ve set and helps to deliver work on time.

Don’t forget to allow it to be set on a realistic time frame to avoid too much pressure. You may still take short breaks in between heavy tasks as long as it won’t eat up all of your time.

Accept Your Own Limitations

There may be times wherein your workloads are twice or thrice the usual in a day. It is not advisable to just assume that you can get everything done just like the usual. Learn to accept that there are also limits to how you manage your time and energy. It is better to delegate or outsource than to push an unrealistic time frame.

Time Management is a real challenge in the workplace. A lot of distractions and problems can be on your way. Just remember that “Time isn’t money because it never returns.” – Amit Abraham. You can re-make a deal and earn back money but you can never do that with time. 


So, go ahead and start to plan your day right!

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