8 Reasons Why There’s a Power of Taking a Break


When you arrived at work, these things might already be the one that surrounds your brain. Your mind is set that the only break that you have is the lunch break. This might be the time to change your mindset and know about the power of 15 minutes break or break within your morning and afternoon work hours.

Brain get tired as well. A person cannot observe about the symptoms of a brain getting tired due to being occupied to the activity that they are doing. A feeling of dozing off or constantly yawning is not usually present, instead, you became sensitive to the environment and to some distractions.



Brains consist of two modes. The “focused mode” and the “diffuse mode”. First of is the focused mode, this is a mode of a brain where we always use in our work. When you are at work what you usually do is, sit, think, analyze or being focused on what you are doing which totally defines the “focused mode” of a brain.

The second one is the “diffuse mode”. If the “focused mode” is overly used “diffuse mode” on the other hand was a mode that a lot of people reject to use it and have some difficulty in using it sufficiently. This mode is where you just let any ideas enter your brain. In using this mode your brain can produce a lot of ideas and concepts that’s why this is very important to creativity and creative problem-solving.



Working non-stop will affect your focus on work and it will cause you being misled to your goals. Taking a short break will help you restart, refocus and to think widely about your objectives and things that you are working on. This would also help the brain condense information faster.

To give you more knowledge about it here are the five powerful effect of taking a break from work.



According to CNN Philippines, over 29.79% of 200 respondents stated that their jobs are one of their stressors.  Agana, III, President, and CEO of Pharex Health Corp also said that one of the reasons why employees were stress by their work was also because of their lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle would result to work absenteeism and this would affect the quality of work.

He also added that if the work’s quality will decrease, possible that the job would also be affected.  Insufficient quality will result in a poor output and these will be a bad outcome for the company.

With this being said, taking a 15 minutes break as your lifestyle definitely give a good result and would minimize your stress level,  because when people refrain from taking a break, their workloads would give them stress and they would stop being productive. This would result in unhappiness, unsatisfied at work and would also influence the morale of everyone in the workplace.



Both teenagers and the adults have a range of 10-20 minutes of attention span but, people can still choose to re-focus on the same thing. Working for a long span of hours definitely, result in a mental block and an unfocused work output. But, when you take time to have a break and use the “diffuse mode” of the brain, then our attention span and concentration will be rebooted.

It would also keep you from sticking on the schedule if you practice having a regular break time. If you are aiming to have an effective and productive work lifestyle, break time routine must be practice since it is very important.



Staring at your computer for hours will result in blurred vision, headaches, eye strain and even pain in the neck and shoulders. Taking a break within 2 hours of working with your computer and practicing to stare into a distance every 20 minutes for 20 seconds will refrain you from having these kinds of pain.

During your break, taking a walk and moving around would help you keep your body mass index (BMI) lower and would help you with your waistline problems. You might be thinking that it is not effective, but stretching, getting water and a little bit of body movement during breaks definitely helps. (Center for Disease Control)



“Power Nap” is sleeping for a few minutes. Napping for only 10 minutes can result in making someone being alert. One of the essentials of the companies these days are the “nap rooms” it is a place where the employees can take a “power nap”. Nap rooms became popular these days because studies showed that employees who take a break and let their brain be on “diffuse mode” will have a better productivity while they’re on the job. Experts also found out that naps for 15 minutes can improve cognitive operations, reactions, boosts memory, alertness and it also brightens a person’s mood.



Being creative and passionate about your job is one of the main tips on having a good and successful output. Experiencing a meditation and mindfulness during breaks are one of the steps to boost someone’s creativity either in and out of the office. This practice could also boost your compassion at work. Practicing breaktimes during morning and afternoon work hours highly contribute to a more creative output.

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