Say goodbye to the boring stereotypical office setting look, no more desks, cubicles, sad looking coloured walls. Looking for the new era of office space and simply wanting to break away from the traditional office set up. Companies such as Skynora Corporation are opening their doors to a more collaborative and spacious workplace to allow their employees to work together and to come up with more ideas in a professional yet fun and comfortable environment. The millennial generation are the ones pushing this movement to happen for more and more of them are joining the workforce and changing everything at the same time. So why do people are demanding this kind of environment for work so much?


New Era of Office Space

One of the main reasons why collaborative spaces are becoming sought after is because of technology. Laptops and smartphones are beginning to replace the standard computer desktop, mobile phones may just be a mobile phone on its own but it is capable of doing more and has access to almost everything.

Debra Barnes, Vice President of Interior Architecture and Design in Minneapolis of HGA Architect says; “They have the technology to allow them to work anywhere, such as conference room, at Starbucks, break rooms, or even at their client’s site” she then goes on further and says “the younger generation is more jazzed by newer technology and what they can do with it versus having that private office to look forward to in 10 years”


Indeed the new members or a new generation of workforce is not looking forward to have a corner office anymore as this is not motivating enough and inviting enough to go to work every day but they would rather prefer the freedom and flexibility to work at a few different spots in the office.


More and more companies are realizing this trend and Skynora  Corporation itself is joining the trend and is slowly implementing changes. In this case, if companies are wanting to attract and recruit more young talent then they would have to step up to an even greater emphasis on comfortable and flexible office design because millennials strongly care about their workplace being more home-like than it is corporate. Those days of you sitting and working in a cubicle workspace is now numbered and almost over as it changing day by day as the new generation are slowly entering this workforce. Office space will be evolving and will be having dramatic changes that none of us thought of happening 10 years ago. So it might be time for you to think now in advance about changing how your workplace is going to be set up


Carina Abigail Pascual

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