The term “live, work, and play” may seem strange to some; but to others, it means a whole new way of life and of building a career.

What exactly is live, work, and play all about?

Live, work, and play describes the working situation of people these days. This is due to the new breed of office spaces that are popping up everywhere. It is also a term used for development projects that combine all three. This is usually in a community where company buildings, housing, and entertainment options are close to each other.

In short, live, work, and play defines places and situations that combine all three in a way that is beneficial to those who live such a life.

Blurring the lines between these three components is its essence, making it convenient for people to enjoy all three.

This concept also revolves around the work-life balance mantra, with workplaces that allow people to have time for the other areas in their lives, despite having busy schedules.

Live, work, and play: Why are these important to workers?

The main reason why this concept is taking off is because of the work-life balance people strive to attain and maintain.

With traffic jams, busy schedules, and multiple responsibilities to meet, more people are desiring alternatives.

Imagine being able to finish work, have a drink with friends, and prepare dinner for the family—without worrying about doing everything on time.

That is what live, work, and play is all about!

This concept has a huge impact not only on the workforce, but also on the businesses that rely on their workers for productivity.

Through materializing such a concept, businesses also reap one of its benefits—having employees who get to live a full and balanced life. When people are content and happy because they are not missing out on anything, they become more productive individuals at work.

This idea is taking the world by storm. New buildings are popping up to meet the demand, while old buildings are being repurposed to do the same. This is why you can now see lots of multi-use developments and buildings around you. The era of separate residential, commercial, and industrial spaces seem to be coming to an end.

Live, work, and play: The new era of office spaces

More defined purpose in the workplace.

Along with the rise of the live, work, and play lifestyle comes the creation of radical office spaces that embody the concept. In the past, office buildings stood separate from others.

Their layout also screamed of seriousness, with stark white walls, bare cubicles, and bright fluorescent lights.

These days, offices are more fun and have a more inclusive approach to work.

Gone are the limiting walls and drab colors that used to be the norm. In its stead are brightly colored spaces with dividers you can either look over or move aside.

Collaborative spaces for everyone.

There are also spaces where people share long tables in a bid to increase collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Also part of this rise is the increase in co-working spaces found in the same buildings as condos and apartments. These co-working spaces provide remote workers with an office-like atmosphere near their homes but aren’t actually in their home.

Through this working situation, they get the chance to interact with others while still working close to their houses. It gives them the convenience of remote working, since there is no need to travel far to get to work, while allowing them to work in their desired office atmosphere.

Design that cultivates productivity.

Apart from the convenience, the biggest improvement in newer offices is in their design.

A lot of thought has been put into how these offices can help improve productivity and it has been found that designs that satisfy people also increase productivity. This is where office spaces that allow people to move around, see the world outside and interact with others, come in.

Being able to move, get the freedom to collaborate, and get a glimpse of the outside world is essential to a person’s productivity at work. This is why such elements are in the design of newer offices and co-working spaces.

How co-working spaces improve workforce health

Speaking of co-working spaces, you will notice that most of these flexible office spaces also feature the same design ideas we mentioned above.

Open spaces, shared tables, freedom to move around, and even brightly colored walls are the norm for such working areas. This has probably something to do with the fact that new co-working office designs make people more creative.

Also worth mentioning is that most co-working spaces now incorporate wellness into their designs. This means that these new offices have the following features that promote better workforce health:

More natural elements incorporated into the design.

Natural light, comfortable workstations, outside views, and space to move around in, are all added to co-working space designs. Having all of these in a workspace promotes not only productivity but also good health.

Sleeping and relaxation areas.

The power nap is one of the biggest go-to solutions for burnout and low productivity of exhausted workers. Studies show that power nap is actually more effective at improving a person’s performance than a cup of coffee. This is why a lot of co-working spaces and modern offices now have sleep pods, sleep rooms, and relaxation areas for workers.

In-house fitness centers.

Some new offices and co-working spaces also believe that integrating fitness into the mix helps with improving the health of workers. A built-in gym or offering discounts to fitness centers nearby both promote good health to those who work in these offices.

Encouraging collaboration.

Interacting with others sustains good mental health. This is why more people choose to work in co-working spaces rather than at home when they are doing remote jobs. The design of co-working spaces allows for easy interaction and collaboration. Some even have regular events that help encourage such interactions with others.

Skynora is advocating for a healthier workforce.

Skynora is one of the newer co-working spaces in the Philippines that integrates the features mentioned above. Wellness, collaboration, work-life balance, and convenience are at the forefront of the company’s office design.

Not only does Skynora believe in the live, work, and play concept but they are also promoting it with the creation of offices that provide these.

The co-working spaces and the many office options in Skynora are all designed to help promote wellness.

Spaces for collaboration, areas for resting and relaxing, and a location that promotes the live, work, and play lifestyle—these are all part and parcel of what Skynora offers.

All of these equate to a healthier workforce, which translates to a more productive company.

When it comes to the live, work, and play lifestyle, Skynora is leading the way in Davao.

If you’re looking for office space that can benefit both you and your business, then Skynora should be on your list of choices. It comes with a location that is hard to beat and features that promote wellness and collaboration.

You also get to choose from their shared spaces and private offices.

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