It’s final! There’s nothing you can do about it. Davao coworking spaces are here to stay. Anyway, why would you oppose a good thing like that?

Davao coworking spaces have so much to offer.

Why coworking spaces are here for the long run

So, what can Davao coworking spaces do for you and why are they here to stay?

Get ready to learn a few of the events and trends that are driving this alternative form of working into the mainstream.

  1. The Rising Cost of Leasing/ Renting Office Spaces

How much does it take to lease an office space? Even if you’re just renting a space, it can still be costly.

That can eat up the overhead costs of running your small startup or working as a freelancer. Coworking spaces can be more than 300% than a permanent office space.

If your digital business is just starting out, then it makes more sense for you to opt for a coworking space. Every peso of your budget counts and you cannot afford to spend it to unnecessary expenses.

But even after your startup has expanded, it still makes sense to work in a coworking office.

Another reason why Davao coworking spaces are more affordable is because you don’t have to buy office furniture. Desks and office chairs can be expensive. The higher quality furniture can eat up your entire budget and you could still end up with a single table.

When you work in a modern coworking space, you get to use modern and top of the line office furniture. You don’t end up using a monoblock chair and second-hand desk all day long because that’s all you can afford.

  1. The Need for Business/Social Interactions

Davao coworking spaces can provide you with much-needed social or business interactions.

Entrepreneurs must mingle and interact with other business owners. Through this, they can learn about new trends and things that you can use for your business.

On top of its benefits for your business, interacting with other people is also essential for human health. Constant social interaction can reduce the risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart problems, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Regular interactions with other people can also help promote good mental health. It’s a strong way to fight depression.

  1. The Need for More Flexible Arrangements

There is an ongoing trend now for more flexible arrangements for office spaces. It’s making the more traditional means of leasing/renting obsolete.

However, the problem is when you’re leasing an office space, you should be in it for the long-term.

Should your business fail, you could end up with a lease which of course would mean that you lose money. That’s money that you can use for something else.

Even if you’re renting, most space owners will require that you sign a contract for at least a year. Some will require that you deposit monthly cheques for the whole duration of the contract. That obliges you to have funds in the bank to cover for those cheques.

In other words, you’re tied to the contract. You might be able to find a deal to get out of the contract, but it’s a guarantee that you will lose money.

Davao coworking spaces offer more flexibility for startup owners like you without too much obligation. You can focus on making your business or getting clients.

  1. Everyone’s Looking for a Prime Location in Davao

The election of President Duterte has placed the spotlight on his hometown. Investors and businessmen all over the country and even overseas saw the potential in the city.

Now, there is a drive to find the best spot there for doing business.

Davao coworking spaces offer the opportunity of being where the action is.

  1. The Rise of the Startups and the Search for Talent

Startups have taken the spotlight right now in the business world. Young entrepreneurs are hungry to start new businesses. This is driving for a search for the best talent.

Do you want to attract the top people in your industry? You can’t expect to hire topnotch employees while having your office in a dilapidated building without any air conditioning.

If you want to attract the best, then you have to offer them the best.

Davao coworking spaces are modern working spaces with the most modern facilities equipped with world-class business furniture.

Your employees will feel that they are valued when they are working in Skynora, which is one of the best, Davao coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces can also give your employees the option to move around. This is important because according to research, 66% of employees say they like having the option of working from a different location.

  1. The Use of Virtual Office

Davao coworking spaces are here to stay because an increasing number of businesses are relying on the virtual office option.

A virtual office means that you use the address of an actual physical location for your business, without actually owning the place.

If you’re a small startup and it’s just you and one or two employees, it doesn’t make sense to get a physical office. But you do need a physical address to give legitimacy to your operation.

With the virtual office option, Skynora will provide a dedicated business address as your physical location for your transactions and that’s one impressive location.

  1. People Wanting to Have Work/Life Balance

You have to admit, working in Davao coworking spaces is a lot more fun than working in a traditional office space setting.

You get to meet more interesting people and it is never going to be boring.

Aside from the daily interactions and socialization, some events are held within the space which you can choose to join. Those activities can be crucial in maintaining a work/life balance.

  1. The Need for Reliable Power and Connection

Most likely, your startup is reliant on the internet. It goes without saying that you need a connection that’s fast and reliable.

The best way that you can get that is if you go to a coworking space.

Moreover, you need a reliable backup power supply. It can be a hassle if you lose power in the middle of a project and having your generator is not the most convenient solution. You still have to maintain it and buy fuel for it.

How long can your work go on while relying on the power supplied by a generator set?

That can be an added task to your busy schedule.

Other work situations that are here to stay.

Aside from coworking spaces, there are other work situations that will become more common in the future. The most common is the work from home.

As companies discover that working from home is not detrimental to a worker’s productivity, they are becoming more lenient in this matter. This makes a lot of sense because some jobs do not require the presence of an employee in the office.

Other jobs, however, would require an employee’s presence from time to time, which is why flexible arrangements will also become more common.

This is the work situation where an employee will be required to come in for meetings and other events but otherwise, can work anywhere they please.


Yes, coworking spaces are here to stay—and you should reap the benefits that they can provide.

A coworking space like Skynora is an ideal place for expanding your business without inflating your expenses at the same time.

Coworking spaces, like working from home, is the future—and you should be a part of that now.

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Founder of The Tiny Seconds

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