Coworking or shared office spaces are getting popular in the Philippines. However, are the benefits the same across the country? For example, does it make sense to choose coworking spaces in Davao over, say, Metro Manila or Cebu?

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s count the reasons why the King City of the South is worth it.

Coworking spaces in Davao: Why it’s worth it

1. The City Offers Competitive Rental Rates

The Philippines doesn’t have the official data for the current rental rates for shared office spaces.

One thing is clear, though: the more “metro” the location is, the pricier it gets.

In Manila, for example, those located in Makati may already cost 500 pesos per hour per person. Even if the person works for only an hour daily, it still means spending of 10,000 pesos a month.

Coworking spaces in Davao, such as Skynora, meanwhile, can offer a dedicated space for 8,000 pesos a month. Users can also choose between 3- and 6-month leases, allowing them to have greater control over their rental expenses.

2. Coworking Spaces in Davao Can Promote Collaboration and Creativity

What’s the secret behind the success of Google, IBM, and other Fortune 500 companies? It’s not their tech—it’s their people all working together to innovate products and services.

One of the benefits of coworking spaces in Davao is the chance to network and collaborate whether these are individuals or businesses. It’s highly likely that you’ll meet an amazing potential employee or a future joint venture partner.

All these will help you achieve goals faster, create better new directions, and lay down more opportunities for growth.

3. The Arrangement Is Good for Mental Health

Freelancing may offer benefits such as flexibility, but it also has a dark side. In a UK study, over 20% of freelance workers reported having depression or suicidal thoughts.

In a 2015 research, freelance workers might be prone to mental health issues like depression or anxiety when the job demands increased.

Renting coworking spaces in Davao, therefore, may help reduce the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and stress that come with freelance work.

It’s not unusual for these offices to organize activities for all its members. The layout also allows people to interact with one another.

This arrangement too is helpful for businesses. When their employees achieve excellent work-life balance, they become more productive and efficient.

4. Davao Has a Growing Property Market

In a report by Collier’s, the property market outlook in the Philippines is positive. It’s primarily thanks to the current administration’s Build, Build, Build program.

The different kinds of infrastructure are now linking cities and townships. Previously, these were less reachable. It also spreads outgrowth across the country instead of concentrating it in Manila.

What does this mean if you rent coworking spaces in Davao?

  • Your space may be in one of the prime locations in the city.
  • Your business gains prestige, especially if you decide to set up a virtual office.
  • You can take advantage of a growing market, where rental rates are still low or competitive.
  • Everything you need, from transportation to entertainment, is likely close by.

5. Renting Coworking Spaces in Davao Means Tapping Its Huge Talent Pool

In general, Filipinos are a talented bunch. They are also tenacious, committed, and persistent, and consistent. They’re flexible and easy to train.

These individuals are not only in the capital where some of the biggest schools are located. They are also in Mindanao.

Renting a coworking space in Davao will allow businesses to meet and tap this huge talent pool. These young individuals come from some of the biggest cities in Mindanao, including Davao, Cagayan de Oro, or Zamboanga.

Many of them are graduates from top-tiered universities, such as the University of the Philippines. They may also get to work with millennials from the following industries:

  • Information technology
  • Animation
  • Software programming
  • Mobile development
  • Technical writing
  • Customer service

Each of them can bring to the table their rich culture, tradition, and customs. All these help improve diversity and exchange of information in the workplace.

6. It Is Less Busier Than Other Cities in the Country

At the end of the day, you want to go home as quickly as you can to relax. With the current state of traffic in many cities in the Philippines, however, it’s less possible.

Recent studies suggest that an average Filipino now commutes nearly two hours each way. It’s about four to five hours on top of working hours. It’s not surprising why many Filipinos don’t have much time for personal hobbies and pursuits.

Like other highly progressive cities, Davao also has a worsening traffic situation. The good news is it still pales in comparison to that of Manila or Cebu. The city’s traffic authorities continue to work hard to ease congestion, including introducing bus rapid transit (BRT) soon.

Davao is also one of the largest provinces in the country. Therefore, it has many natural sceneries and entertainment complexes. For example, they can spend a weekend over at Samal or Eden Nature Park. During holidays, they can climb Mount Apo for an overnight stay.

They can watch a movie in Ayala’s Breeza Mall or SM Mall in Lanang. After a day’s work, they can hang out in Jack’s Ridge. It offers a captivating view of the city, and it’s less than 30 minutes away.

Davao is famous for its extensive collection of fresh fruits. Meanwhile, General Santos City, the city famous for its delicious tuna, is its next-door neighbor.

In other words, renting coworking spaces in Davao means achieving a less-stressed lifestyle and work-life balance.

7. Renting a Coworking Space Supports Startups

Compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines still lags behind when it comes to the number of startups. Many factors affect this, and one of them is capital.

Some of these companies are bootstrapping while others rely on outside funding. These can be banks or venture capitalists. Either way, money can be tight.

Coworking spaces in Davao provide excellent support to these organizations in many ways:

  • Flexibility in rental duration
  • Different choices for office space (besides coworking, they can also have a private office)
  • Accessibility to business facilities, such as telephone, broadband, and even conference rooms
  • Spacious lobbies and lounges where business owners can meet their clients or partners
  • Free dining stations and pantry for all members
  • Chance to use the office’s premium address through the virtual office setup

Coworking spaces in Davao: They are worth it.

Coworking spaces in Davao offer more than complete business amenities and affordable seats. They help you find and build an amazing team. They also support startups and allow collaboration to flourish.

Moreover, they give you access to everything the city has to offer. This way, you don’t need to worry about anything other than growing your profession or business.

While the number of coworking spaces in Davao is growing, only one remains on top: Skynora.

Founded in 2017, this huge office space in Matina offers experience and expertise in the field of seat leasing. It provides different arrangements or packages for professionals and businesses. These include:

  • Virtual office
  • BPO office
  • Coworking space
  • Private office
  • Conference rooms

Skynora also features an amazing staff who’s ready to assist its clients anytime. They may receive your calls, send documents, or provide both back- and front-end support.

Scaling teams and businesses is easy and convenient with them. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it yourself. Book a tour or rent a space today.

Tricia Hingpit

Founder of The Tiny Seconds

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