Co-working Space

Skynora’s co-working space in Davao City provides your co-working needs, based on international standards of business accommodation. 

In here, you can meet dynamic individuals who share the same online culture as you, while reaping the benefits of being a freelancer or a remote worker

Co-working Space Available in Metro Davao

Tired of the isolation that comes with freelancing and building your own empire? Well, say goodbye to that by renting Skynora’s co-working space.

Why rent a Co-working Space?

A Co-working Space Provides:
  • A reliable power supply and high-speed internet connection.
  • A professional working environment that can help improve your productivity.
  • A fully furnished office setting equipped to meet the highest standards of business accommodation, which is well-maintained 24/7. That means no more maintenance duties for you!
  • A fun venue for building a community of like-minded dynamic individuals, making networking easy for you and your team.
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Dedicated Seat

Freelancers and solopreneurs can book any of our dedicated seats. Best of all, they can rent it monthly or in 3 to 6-month terms.

Starting Price Php 8,000/month

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Hot Desk

Feeling lonely at home? You can be more productive in our co-working spaces.

Hourly Rate Php 80
Daily Rate Php 450

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Virtual Office

Don’t have a physical office yet? You can rent our premium address for the meantime and use it as your virtual office address.

Starting Price Php 2,000/month

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Features and Amenities

High Speed Internet Connectivity (WiFi)

Dedicated Seat

3 Ports

Access to Pantry Area

PEZA-Accredited Building

100% Back-up Power

IT Support

CCTV System

Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or startup owner; you have the added burden of finding a flexible workplace where you can be productive. By getting a co-working space, you can have a contingency plan against all of those problems, plus other delicious perks.

Exciting Community Events

Being a part of a community can improve the mental health of freelancers and employees in a co-working space.

Free access to the Pantry Area

The pantry area is a modern space where your team can store their food, heat it, and then eat. With a reliable and well-maintained pantry, they don’t have to worry about where they can eat during lunch breaks.

Hang out at the Breakout Lounge

No matter what kind of work you or your employees do, you need a place where you can escape and relax even just for a few minutes. You can easily step out from the work and take things easy, by having access to the breakout lounge so you can unwind even if it’s just for a short while.

Free-flowing Delicious Coffee

Coffee is the lifesaver of many employees around the world, and we have plenty of that here at Skynora! Coffee will help you stay alert and focused, so you can be productive all day and all night.

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If you are looking for the best Premium Office Solutions in Davao City, Skynora Co-working space is the answer!

Efraim Itable

Excellent offices! Top notch location! They also have conference rooms & board rooms! It's awesome! I'll definitely recommend it to anyone looking for office spaces in Davao City!

Rojae Braga

State-of-the-art facility. Comfortable space. Reliable internet connection. I like that they have meeting rooms for small groups and conference rooms as well. Really perfect for an online freelancer, a sales agent, or an entrepreneur.

Precy Tripoli