Ideal work environment in Davao City BPO

Expand your business process outsourcing company in one of the safest and fast-growing economy cities in the Philippines. Set-up an ideal workspace for your team today at Skynora.

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Now that you have a company in mind, a product (and service) that you can sell to your clients, and an awesome team to run your company, all you need is a space where you can make it a reality.

Inquire today and move in your team tomorrow with easy access to the amenities you need. We take care of your working space so you can focus on what matters–your business!

BPO Office Space
BPO Office Space


Reduce overhead costs with a BPO office space that already comes with the equipment you need.

Internet Connection

No need to worry about slow internet speeds that plague remote agents since we have a high-speed internet connection for our office spaces.


You get to hold office at an impressive business address.


Monitoring your agents isn’t as difficult as it would be if you had them working remotely.


Your clients will take you more seriously and trust you better with their accounts.


You get to start operating your business as soon as possible since everything comes ready for you to use.

Perks of a Skynora BPO Office Space

Running a BPO venture is no easy task. It requires careful monitoring and mentoring to get your agents to become the best that they can be. To achieve this, they should have the best equipment and the right work atmosphere. It would also be ideal for them to work at one location, so you can easily mentor them. When you decide to rent BPO office space at Skynora, not only will you have the right platform to gain traction, but you also give your employees an office worthy of bragging. At Skynora, they can grow and excel in the right working environment.


  • PEZA- Accredited Building
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity
  • 100% Back-up Power
  • Premium Business Address
  • Dedicated Company Signage at Designated Places
  • 24/7 Air-Conditioned Offices


  • 24/7 Access to Location
  • Reliable Security Service
  • IT Support
  • CCTV System
  • Free Flowing Coffee
  • 24 Hour Parking
  • BPO Space Customization Services

A Chance to Mingle at Community Events 

Regular community events at Skynora will give your team the chance to interact with other busy bees in similar industries. Participating in community events also gives your employees a sense of belonging and a chance to let their hair down. Celebrate company milestones, holidays, and other special events with a community of entrepreneurs like you at Skynora.

Meeting Rooms at Your Disposal

Part of the success of your BPO venture depends on you and your management team’s coming together to discuss ideas. Thus, having meeting rooms you can use to brainstorm, discuss changes, and solve problems is essential. You don’t have to worry about finding spaces for such discussions at Skynora  These conference rooms are yours to use. Teams can also use these meeting rooms to talk about updates, changes, suggestions, and developments in the company.

Meals and Snacks in a Designated Pantry Area 

Eating at individual stations can be easily avoided with the availability of a comfortable and spacious pantry area. At Skynora, your stations and cubicles remain clean since your personnel have a common pantry area where they can take their meals. Food delivered to celebrate special events and company achievements can also be shared here.

Give Yourselves a Break in Our Breakout Lounges

Research has shown that taking a few short breaks during the workday helps increase worker productivity. It also helps reduce the prevalent stress and burnout that usually comes with working in the BPO industry. Skynora’s breakout lounges give your teams the chance to unwind in the middle of a long workday or worknight. It is a great venue for interacting with others in the building and fostering new friendships inside and outside the company.

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