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Skynora Corporation was founded last 2017. It is a premium office provider in Davao City.  Mixing the functionality of traditional office solutions and versatility of flexible workspaces, Skynora Corp provides the most cost-effective and fully serviced BPO office solutions & seat leasing services for IT-BPOs start-up and growing firms and call center companies interested in setting up business operations in Davao City.


We aim to be a recognized and valued Premium Office Space provider and to become the No. 1 Seat Leasing Company in Davao City, Philippines while maximizing clients’ benefits, and minimizing cost at the same time.


To set a high standard and provide premium office spaces and seat leasing services for IT-BPO Companies as well as to other SME’s interested in setting up business operations in Davao City.


Skynora is here to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency and profitability, without the typical start-up and overhead costs by providing an inspiring office environment that will enhance the productivity of their employees.

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I love how secure and clean this coworking space is! Not only that, they have fast internet. I feel very productive every time I am at Skynora.

Louise Bangoy SandovalCEO at Smart Virtual Staff
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