You’re ready for the next step. You’ve been a high-earning freelancer for several years and you want to move on to running your own digital business. If that’s the case, then you should consider moving to a coworking space in Davao City.

That’s a big decision, which is why you should consider all the factors involved.

10 Signs that Mean You’re Ready to Rent a Coworking Space

Here are 10 of the leading signs that you are ready to move into a coworking space in Davao City:

Sign 1 – You Need Reliable Power Supply

Let’s face it—we can’t always predict when power outages will happen.

How can you ensure you can still cater to your clients United States, Australia, or Europe during emergencies? It’s not going to be easy to explain to them that you might delay the submission of your deliverables.

The solution is to create a backup source. Why not move into a coworking space in Davao City like Skynora, where they have a reliable backup power supply? That’s one less thing to worry about.

Sign 2 – You Need Fast and Reliable Internet

Now, here’s another technical sign that you need to start working in coworking space in Davao City. When you were still working as a freelancer, your slow and unreliable internet connection would have been an inconvenience. Still, you made it work.

Once you start running your own business, however, you need a reliable and fast connection. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, the average internet speed in 2017 was just 5.5 Mbps.

That might have improved since then, but the same study places the country last in internet speed among the Asia Pacific countries.

Your best option is to start working in a coworking space like Skynora.

Sign 3 – You Want To Find Meaning In Your Work

There is no need to compete within a coworking space.

You can focus on finishing your task while still being surrounded by dynamic professionals who are focused on achieving success just like you.

There is no office politics in a coworking space either. Everyone there is just focused on achieving results on their own. Being in an environment like that helps you to find meaning in what you are doing.

You don’t get distracted about what others might think of you.

Sign 4 – You Need to Improve Your Productivity

Are you seeing a drop in your productivity levels?

Working from home can make you more efficient, but after a while, it can be a hindrance. You might become demotivated to be productive if you stay at home all the time.

According to studies conducted in the United States, 71% of workers who started to cowork claim that their creativity was improved by the change in the environment, while 62% say their work quality was increased.

Therefore, there is a good chance that you can boost your productivity by moving to a coworking space in Davao City.

Sign 5 – Too Many Distractions

Even if you have a dedicated working space in your home, are you free from distractions?

If you do consider your working space to be a sacred area for work, does your family feel the same way?

Chances are that they would just walk right in and do whatever they want and distract you.

Distractions can be the end of your productivity. According to studies, it takes more than 23 minutes to refocus your brain after it has been distracted.

That means you could use up most of your time trying to refocus if you work at home and you’re surrounded by distraction.

Skynora’s coworking space in Davao City offers a distraction-free working environment where you can focus all you want on your work.

Sign 6 – You Need a Quiet Working Space

You’ve probably seen that video of a girl trying to practice her speech but gets interrupted because the roosters in the background kept crowing… and they could be heard in the video.

That was kind of funny, but for most freelancers that hits close to home.

Most freelancers have experienced talking to a client over the phone while having an animal ensemble making some racket in the background.

If it’s not the animals then it’s the people in your neighbourhood doing their nightly videoke challenge. Frustrating would be an understatement.

By working in a coworking space in Davao City, you eliminate all of those noisy problems. No roosters, no barking dogs, no Air-Supply-song-singing-drunk-neighbor, or tricycles making you miserable while working.

Sign 7 – You Need a Professional Setting

Whether you’re a freelancer wanting to ramp up with big-ticket clients or you’re starting a business, you need a professional setting where you can conduct meetings.

If you want to expand, you should get used to being in a coworking space in Davao City like Skynora where you can get used to the professional setting. We have the furniture and the spaces that are meant for conducting businesses.

All you have to do on your part is just move in and start working.

Sign 8 – You Need Human Interaction

According to studies, social interaction is actually crucial for health.

Not just mental health but the overall health of the body. Among the other findings, the studies suggest that social isolation increased the risk factor for morbidity and mortality, especially in older people.

As a result, if you want to stay healthy and connect with your kind of people, then a coworking space in Davao City is your best bet.

Sign 9 – You Need Space.

This is a very practical reason why you might be better off in a coworking space.

If you don’t have the room to spare at home to accommodate your work, then just go to Skynora. They have everything that you need so you can hit the ground running.

Their private office spaces are very modern and equipped with top of the line business furniture. You will also get dedicated company signage, 24/7 access to location, reliable security service, IT support, CCTV system, 24 hour parking.

All of those are crucial for any startup.

Sign 10 – You’re Not Being Inspired

If you’re not inspired to start working every morning then maybe you need to change your work setting. You need new sights and maybe new faces to get that feeling that you can accomplish anything.

Go visit Skynora, the top coworking space in Davao City right now and you will find the environment there to be perfect professionals. The people working there are all passionate about what they’re doing and that can be inspiring.

Also, a coworking space, filled with an awesome set of driven people might just be the place to provide you with the right “inspiration”, wink wink!


Working in a leading coworking space in Davao City like Skynora might be the best professional move that you can make this year. It could be the change that can take your freelance career or business to new heights.

Tricia Hingpit

Founder of The Tiny Seconds

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